Entrepreneurs that create a space for revitalization are better prepared to run their organization. Entrepreneurship is a stressful undertaking. Trying to balance running a business and maintaining your sanity throughout the process can be a daunting task. And with no set of office hours, it is difficult to know when to stop working and simply take care of yourself. It’s kind of like being in a casino and losing track of time and perspective.  Anyone that has ever started a business understands what I am talking about and new entrepreneurs will quickly gain a similar perspective. Eventually, this takes a toll on your well-being, leaving you in a bad place mentally, physically, and psychologically.

You need a place where you can be free of bothersome people and external time suckers.Dr. Bruce Dunams

One of the first pieces of advice that I tend to give budding entrepreneurs is that you have to take care of you. This begins with intentional time for yourself. I recommend to entrepreneurs that they quickly figure out their ‘happy place.’ This is the environment that allows you to self-reflect and reset your energy levels. The key is not to simply avoid burnout, but to find ways that help you maintain a high-level focus and drive. Your organization is only as healthy as you are.

Selecting your happy place isn’t always easy. You need a place where you can be free of bothersome people and external time suckers. You might find that your place is as simple as your local gym or a park where you can release your tensions. It may be an art studio where you paint, sculpt, or draw- allowing you to tap into the left side of your brain for a few moments. That happy place may be something a little more non-traditional such as a room at a relative’s home where you can relax without having to discuss business. It may take you a couple of tries to find YOUR space, but you should invest the time to figuring it out. This is the place where your mind, body, and soul can disappear to find solitude.

Keep in mind that when you do identify your happy place, keep it to yourself. You’ll want to avoid sharing it with others that can later intrude and prevent you from using it properly. This is your sanity that we are discussing and the strength of your business relies on your health.

I hope this bit of insight helps you in your journey towards your successful destination. Best of luck to you!

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